Have you completed secondary school and are wondering what’s the next step towards your future career? Consider turning your study abroad dreams into a full-on college experience in Canada, the US, or Australia by enrolling in one of The AUC’s accredited bachelor degree programs.

Our bachelor degree offerings are undergraduate programs that last three to four years. Potential students must have successfully completed their secondary education (i.e., a high school diploma or its equivalent) and show an aptitude or a willingness to learn the English language.

A bachelor’s degree will provide you with the foundations you need to get started towards your desired career. While you will naturally be learning English by enrolling at one of our native English-speaking institutions, the focus is on academics and career preparation over English-specific skills.

Bachelor degree programs are tailored to specific careers and industries and are offered in a variety of majors. You can choose from engineering, math, pre-med, pre-law, education, business, accounting, nursing, psychology, and much more.

We know it’s a lot to consider, so at The AUC, we’re here to help you find the specific program and location that best suits your long-term career and language goals.

Some factors you may want to consider when choosing a program are:

Industry Hotspots

Choose a program in a city that is known for being an industry hotspot. While you study, you can find internships at companies in your desired field and make connections that could help you find a job after graduation.


Choose a program based on your interest of Australian, Canadian, or American culture.

Type of English

Choose a program based on your preferred type of English. This could be a personal preference of Australian English over Canadian English or American English. Or, it could be the most common accent used in the industry you would like to work in.

Proximity to Your Home Country

Choose a program based on proximity to your home country or local time zone. This is especially true for students who are unsure about being away from home for months at a time.

The AUC will help you make your choice, get your application in, and get your immigration paperwork in order, so you can focus on what matters most: your education.