International students studying in Canada are expected to comply with certain requirements. These include studying as agreed and keeping immigration requirements up to date.

Pursuing Studies

The student must at all times be able to prove they are actively pursuing their studies as per the Study Permit agreement. They must be enrolled in a full or part-time study program at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
To work during their studies, they must be on a full-time program. Full-time is determined by the institution. By law, each DLI will also report on the progress of international students to the IRCC.

Conditions of Permit

A Canadian Study Permit will have certain conditions attached which can include some or all of the following:

  • the type of studies or course you may take;
  • the educational institution you may attend;
  • the location of your studies;
  • the time and period of your studies;
  • the times and places at which you shall report for medical examination or observation;
  • the times and places at which you shall report for the presentation of evidence of compliance with applicable conditions;
  • the prohibition of engaging in employment; or
  • the duration of your stay in Canada

Renewal or Expiry of Study Permits

Students wishing to stay in Canada for further study may apply for renewal. This should be done at least 3 months before the permit expires, and the student must continue to meet the conditions of the original permit.
Should the study permit expire the student is considered ‘Out of Status’. They must stop studying and working immediately. The student can apply for restoration of status within 90 days of the expiry date. They will be expected to remain within Canada, and the process can take many months with no guarantee of a renewal of the study permit.
Should a study permit be lost the student must follow a specific routine to apply for a replacement. The school office will be able to help with this procedure.

Semester Breaks and Scheduled Breaks

Students who wish to take a semester off study may be able to do so and should consult with their international student advisor to ensure it does not affect their study permit conditions.
Summer and winter holidays, reading weeks and transition periods between graduate and post-graduate studies are considered regular breaks. A break of four months consecutively may only be taken once per calendar year or where the student has studied full-time and have further full-time study confirmed for both before and after the four-month break.