The AUC’s postgraduate programs are intensive four to twelve month programs at world-renowned colleges and universities in Canada, the US, and Australia that offer specialized training in a particular subject or career.

Sometimes referred to as graduate programs, postgraduate programs can include:

  • Graduate certificates
  • Graduate diplomas
  • Technical training

They are shorter programs, typically no longer than a year, that focus on practical skills and real world applications of industry specific standards for students interested in continuing their careers or transitioning to a new career. Though they are only available for potential students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

The AUC’s postgraduate programs are an economical and time-saving option for students who don’t wish to spend years at an international institution or don’t have the budget for lengthy study abroad programs like a bachelor’s or master’s.

If this sounds like you, then consider what type of postgraduate degree program you would like to enroll in. Because postgraduate programs are so specialized, it’s best to choose a school based on where jobs in your industry are located or at schools with professors renowned for their work in your field.

The advantages of studying in a postgraduate program in the US, Canada, or Australia include:

  • Cutting-edge industry knowledge that will set you apart from other job seekers in your home country.
  • An understanding of cultural differences and international market perspectives.
  • Industry-specific English language skills that will help you negotiate deals and network on a global scale.
  • The ability to network with other students, job-seekers, and employers in your field.

The AUC can help you find top-notch postgraduate programs uniquely tailored to your skills, career, and interests at prominent schools in Canada, the US, and Australia. We’ll help you create a list of possible programs, apply, and submit immigration paperwork. All you have to do is get ready for a cutting-edge education perfectly suited for you and your long-term goals.