The Western Canada province of Saskatchewan is a popular place for immigrants looking to settle and work in the country and has a fast-growing economy based around agriculture, natural resources, forestry, and fishing.
Though much of the province is a vast expanse of wilderness, the charming cities of Saskatoon and Regina make for comfortable and friendly places to live and work, and the region needs immigrant skilled workers to boost the economy.
The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SPNP) provides access to a number of possible routes to permanent residence in the province. The SPNP target candidates with skills deemed valuable to the Saskatchewan economy and community through the following categories:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

International Skilled Worker Category

This category is split into three pathways as follows:

Employment Offer – this pathway is suitable for foreign nationals who already have a permanent job offer from a Saskatchewan employer that is considered to be a skilled position. There are further criteria to be met.

Occupations In-Demand – highly skilled workers without a current job offer may be invited to apply via this pathway if their skills fit one of many jobs considered to be in-demand at the time.

Saskatchewan Express Entry – Candidates targeted by the SPNP for Express Entry will have recognized skills that are important to the Saskatchewan labor market at that time. To be eligible, candidates must have a valid profile in the Express Entry pool and have been invited by SPNP to apply for provincial nomination.

Express Entry is a fast-track process run by the federal government of Canada that applies to applicants using the Saskatchewan Express Entry programs. The applicant is required to submit an online profile. This will include details of their age, marital status, work experience, education, and other details. A rank will be determined using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
Those who score highly on the CRS, which is a pass or fail assessment, will be put into the Express Entry Pool. From the pool, a draw is made regularly and those who are successful are issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). At this stage, they can begin applying for permanent residence in Saskatchewan. As with all pathways, there are strict criteria that must be met.

Saskatchewan Experience Category

This category is for foreign nationals already living in Saskatchewan, and covers the following streams:

Existing Work Permit stream for persons working on a temporary work permit with eligible skills and experience.

Health Professionals who have at least six months of work experience in one of a set of specified positions in Saskatchewan.

Hospitality Sector Project for candidates who have been working for six months in one of a number of positions in the hospitality sector in Saskatchewan.

Long Haul Truck Driver Project for experienced drivers who have been working for at least six months for a recognized hauler in Saskatchewan.

Students who have qualified in Canada or Saskatchewan and meet the work experience requirements.

Entrepreneur and Farm Category

Entrepreneurs who wish to invest capital or buy or set up a business in Saskatchewan may be invited to apply via the Entrepreneur category.
Experienced farmers who wish to set up and operate a farming business in Saskatchewan and who can provide sufficient capital may apply via the Farm Owners and Operators category.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

Graduates from Saskatchewan educational establishments who wish to set up and run a business in the province may be invited to do so for a year on a temporary permit before applying for permanent residence.