The first step for foreign students wishing to study in Canada is to apply to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). There are many good colleges and universities in Canada and acceptance from a DLI guarantees a place.
Before applying, consider the language situation, Canada has two official languages – English and French – and in each instance, if the language applicable to the school is not the applicant’s first language, they will be required to pass a standardized test to a suitable degree to be accepted. The tests involved can either be those that are standard in Canada or maybe of the institution’s own choice.

Requirements and Application Deadlines

The entrance requirements for each school or institution will differ as there is no set Canada-wide entrance level. Each institution will carry out its own assessment of the applicant’s suitability for the course in question. It is advised that a potential candidate contacts their preferred school to check for the entrance requirements and to ensure they are able to apply.
Application deadlines differ similarly, so once again we advise contact with the school for clarification. Furthermore, applications can take months to process. For this reason, it is important that students make their application as early as possible, as they will also have to apply for a Study Permit in order to be granted entry to Canada. This process can also take several months.
The Canadian Academic Year is from September to May, with some schools taking the second intake of students in January. It is vital that students applying for places at Canadian schools are aware of the starting dates and have also considered enrolling in limited summer courses where possible.
If a student wishes to study either English or French as a second language, they are advised to visit the Languages Canada website where there is information on the schools that are respected in this area of the curriculum.

Making an Application

Once the overseas student has decided on their preferred establishment, it is usually the case that he or she begins the application process on the website of that school or college. While most institutions will enable digital online applications, some may ask for physical posted applications. In general, an applicant will receive a response some four to six months following the expiry of the application deadline. Success will mean they are presented with a Letter of Acceptance. This should be kept safe as it will be needed in applying for a Canada Study Permit.

Students wishing to study in Canada should contact their own government educational department for information on financial help such as scholarships and low-interest loans. They should also get in touch with the institution they are to attend for possible financial aid options. Schools have different programs regarding finance so this should be investigated in advance. Canada has many fine schools that are regarded in academic circles, so follow the information above, and get an application in as early as possible for the best chance of acceptance.