Make your English language dreams a reality by taking one of our intensive ESL studies abroad courses.

Our four to twelve week ESL courses are offered in Canada, the USA, and Australia. They are the perfect fit for students who want to study abroad for a short period of time and focus on improving their English skills.

ESL stands for English as a second language, and it is geared towards non-native English speakers learning the English language. ESL programs vary depending on the location, methodology, program objectives, student ages, and proficiencies.

But you can trust that your valuable time and money won’t go to waste with The AUC’s vetted and invaluable ESL courses—which have the added benefit of taking place in native English-speaking countries.

Our ESL courses are created with an emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension in a real world context. These programs provide you with practical career, life, and social language skills that you might not get from a textbook in your home country. Forget about grammar, rote memorization, and verb conjugations. ESL courses are designed to meld those skills into practical, real-life applications of the English language.

And if interacting with local native-English speakers is high on your list, you can’t beat studying English abroad with one of our ESL courses.

Located in Canada, the USA, and Australia, you can choose your setting based on:

  • The type of English you prefer to learn
  • Your preferred climate
  • Cultural aspects (sports, religion, food, etc.)
  • Or a location that’s closest to your home country or your local time zone

Here at The AUC, we’ll help you find the right program, guide you through the application process, help with the necessary immigration paperwork, and offer you endless possibilities to improve your English.