The chance to study in the USA is a dream for young people all over the world, being the top country of choice for international students. Arguably the most famous country in the world, the USA is so incredibly diverse that the experience of spending some time studying there is an opportunity of a lifetime. Each state is unique, and famous in its own right. From celebrated architecture, artists and musicians, to country music, movies and TV shows known in all four corners of the globe, there is something for everyone in the USA.

For starters, the country is huge. As a comparison, the vast majority of Europe would fit inside the USA, so there are a huge variety of institutions to choose from. Whether you dream of studying in the bright lights of the famous cities, or in touching distance of the wilds of the mountains or deserts, the USA has it all. Wherever you end up studying, adventure, exploration and excitement are only a short flight away.

However it is not just the cultural benefits of the USA which attract international students, it also boasts some of the most prestigious universities in the world, well known for their academic excellence, as well as incredible opportunities for sports, arts, and cuisines. Having an academic credential from the USA is an excellent addition to a resume and will stand you in great stead for future opportunities, with many companies across the world interested in recruiting graduates from US academic institutions.

Because the USA is such a popular destination for so many international students, you will inevitably meet people from all walks of life and make friends from a wonderful variety of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. What better experience than a study abroad program in the USA for broadening horizons and opening doors to new opportunities?